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Managing Biological Contamination in Machining Coolants

Extend the life of your metalworking fluids - Rapid Bacterial Test Kits


Real time biological test results are the most important parameter in getting long lifetimes and safe operation from metalworking fluids. The HMB rapid tester is easy to use and gives results in 15 minutes


To keep metalworking fluids effective it is necessary to mechanically filter out fines and remove tramp oil. See how here.


Additives are almost always necessary for long term control of biological growth in metalworking fluids. Here you can learn about biocides and non-biocidal stabilizers.


Click here to learn in everyday language most of what is needed to keep metalworking fluids effective for very long times.

In these few pages, learn the simple methods for making metalworking fluids last almost indefinitely. Contact information is below.
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About BioTech International, Inc.

In business 30 years (1986) manufacturing RAPID BIOLOGICAL TESTERS and MACHINING COOLANT STABILIZERS.  Customers successfully using the company’s products in some 20 countries.  The simple, common-sense program of TESTING, FILTERING, REMOVING TRAMP OIL AND USING THE BIOTECH NON-BIOCIDAL STABILIZER FOR METALWORKING FLUIDS has allowed some customers to avoid wholesale disposal of their fluids for over 10 years. Keep your metal working fluids & machining coolant working efficiently with our rapid bacterial testing kit. Learn more with BioTech International, Inc.

Biotech RAPID BIOLOGICAL TESTERS are also prominent in applications other than metalworking fluids (cooling tower waters, waste treatment, paper mills, bioremediation, fuels, foods, soils, bioterror, paints, adhesives etc;), all of which have serious concerns about biological activity.



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