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Q: Will the zero waste programs work with any coolant? Do I need a special type?
A: Our services are designed to work with virtually any coolant in use today. We don't sell coolant ourselves and are a company focused on assisting customers in maintaining a high standard of quality with their current fluids. We guarantee our critically acclaimed process to every job we accept, no matter your coolant type.

As an organization dedicated to customer satisfaction, we are happy to share our database's information about the features of an array of coolants and coolant companies. Some types of fluid are superior and when asked by our customers for advice, we always point them in the right direction for their individual needs.

Q: Can BioTech filters remove tramp oils?
A: Not entirely. Removing oils is an important part of our program, however, BioTech services an extensive variety of businesses that have freestanding machines and self-contained reservoirs. Buildings like these have an array of configurations and geometries, which often limits access to sump surfaces. Having access to the top of a sump is key to skimming tramp oil and there's no one-size-fits-all solution for removing it from every application.

We don't make skimmers, but are happy to evaluate your needs and recommend an appropriate piece of equipment from another manufacturer. Our filter systems are designed around removing solid particles like dirt and fine metals. These particles drastically reduce coolant effectiveness and encourage microbial growth. Your company is always set up with a filter that meets your specific filtration needs.

Q: How much labor is involved in achieving zero waste with BioTech Programs
A: We make as one of our claims that you will reduce the labor associated with your coolant program, even if nothing is currently being done. Our full set of claims is:

Never Have Rancid Coolant | Save on Labor | Extend Tool Life Significantly | Eliminate Disposal of Liquid Derived from Coolant | Mitigate Coolant Associated Health Problems | Reduce Chemical Purchases