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Biotech Mark II Stabilizer Controls Bacterial Activity and Reinforces PH Control in Metalworking Fluids

Mark II Stabilizer

BioTech Stabilizers are designed for use in metalworking fluids for the purpose of controlling corrosion, buffering pH and affecting the rate of microbial growth. Stabilizers are distinguishable from biocides as follows:

Biocides kill microbes. Effects of biocides may be measured in a matter of minutes (or, at most, a few hours) after an appropriate dose has been administered to an infected sump. By design, biocides are depleted as they work to kill cells.  When the biocide concentration falls below its effective level, a "bloom" or burst of relatively fast growth may be seen. This results in a relatively small window of time (hours) within which to redose the system with biocide.

BioTech Stabilizers, on the other hand, do not kill the organisms. The organisms simply won’t grow in the presence of Stabilizers. When an appropriate dose is administered to an infected sump the microbial population will diminish slowly over a matter of days. This slow microbial decline is a result of attrition, since the microbes can no longer reproduce at a rate consistent with maintaining a high population.

About Stabilizer

Stabilizer, when added to a clean sump, in which there is a low microbial level, will maintain a low level of biological activity over long periods. When Stabilizer concentration falls below its effective level the microbes begin to reproduce, but the recovery is slow, much as the attrition rate was slow, providing a relatively large window of time (days) within which to redose the system with Stabilizer.  Many fluid manufacturers incorporate Mark II Stabilizer in their formulations, obviating the need for tankside additions.

Biocides are usually added to sumps continuously, daily or weekly. Stabilizers, if needed at all, are usually added monthly or bimonthly.

Profiles of the microbial populations in sumps controlled with biocide vs sumps conditioned with Stabilizer are quite different. A biocide profile will resemble a sawtooth with extreme highs (blooms), and extreme lows after biocide is administered. A Stabilizer profile will resemble a protracted horizontal sine wave, with no extremes. This absence of extremes allows the metalworking fluid to be managed more easily, extending its life indefinitely.

Long-Term Effectiveness with Stabilizers

When attempting to control both bacteria and fungi with biocides, a mixture of a bactericide and fungicide is usually necessary. BioTech Stabilizers, on the other hand, are effective against both. If a coolant has been neglected, and uncontrolled growth has occurred, BioTech Stabilizers may be used in conjunction with a Triazine type biocide to achieve the shock speed of a biocide kill and the persistence of Stabilizer.