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The HMB rapid testing system for bioligical activity is used in many applications.

Bacteria and other biological entities (Fungus, Algae, Molds) can be detected and quantified is 15 minutes in a number of venues: Biofilm in cooling tower waters—the principal facilitator of Legionella growth can be predicted before slime-forming organisms can do harm. A very simple 15 minute test can reveal the accumulation of biofilm before it fouls heat exchangers and allows growth of Legionella.

Bacteria in Aluminum Can Plants’ coolants are quantified in Real-Time

Soil biotemediation can be monitored with the easy, fast HMB tester—no waiting for days for results, Industrial Waste Treatment plants (Activated Sludge) can be monitored for maximum bacterial activity simply, inexpensively, and in real time.

Powders of unknown origin (suspected bioterror) can be tested on site by FIRST RESPONDERS to reveal biological content. All metalworking operations coolants can be tested for biological activity in 15 minutes, obviating the two-day wait for test results.

Biological contamination in industrial fluids and waters is a major source of cost today, increasing cost for disposal, affecting efficiency, purchases of new fluids and labor to manage. Bacterial testing in real time can mitigate these effects. The HMB biological tester is easy, simple and rapid, designed to be used by persons with little in the way of laboratory experience, or, by sophisticated monitoring of growth of unwanted biological growth.

For easy to understand descriptions of any of these noted uses or for applications not discussed above, contact BioTech. A human will answer the phone.